Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ted talks and drinking games.

Well, many weeks and countless neurotic checks of the Tedx Spokane website later - the grand reveal is finally here!  Watch it and weep (seriously, this might make you cry a little - fair warning if you are watching from work).  And so, without further adieu - here are the 18 minutes that turned me into a crazy person for the months leading up to TedxSpokane:;search%3Aheather%20caro

And, because I am all about getting the most YouTube hits enjoyment packed into every blog experience, I have also taken the liberty of putting together a companion piece.  

The Official Heather Caro Ted Talk Companion Drinking Game

Disclaimer:  Any beverage may be utilized for this game, however drinking copious amounts of grape soda may cause participants to develop sudden-onset diabetes.  Coffee is also not a good idea.  In fact, utilizing any beverage other than filtered, purified or vitamin enriched water to play The Official Heather Caro Ted Talk Companion Drinking Game is not advised.  Proceed at your own risk.

Each player must take one sip of their drink each time Heather Caro:

Says "cancer".

Mentions "pink".

Talks about "ribbons".

Lists a product which has been pink-washed at some juncture.

Mentions a pink-washed product you yourself have witnessed and/or purchased in the past.

Makes you want to eat take-out fried chicken against your better judgement.

Each player must take two sips of their drink each time:

Heather Caro laughs at her own jokes.

Heather Caro, an audience member or you gets something in their eye.  

Each player must finish whatever is left in their glass when:

Heather Caro finally makes it off the TEDx stage without tripping, barfing or sobbing uncontrollably and breathes an enormous sigh of relief - We did it!!


I hope you have chosen your beverage wisely and are now sufficiently hydrated.  Thank you so much to all of the wonderful local and not-so-local peeps who managed to shirk their work responsibilities to come see me that day. I cannot tell you how much it meant to see your sweet faces in the audience. And to all of those who couldn't be there but wanted to - please know you were up on stage with me. 

And - because it takes a village to cross something this big off the ol' bucket list - special thank you's belong to: 

Hunky Hubby-who talks me off the "I'm-not-at-all-qualified-to-be-doing-this" ledge more often than I'd like to admit. I love you.  Thanks for always being my biggest fan.

My amazing, talented brother, Justin Howard who made time in his busy schedule to craft the slides I used for the second half of the speech.  He puts up with my terminal lack of tech-saavy on a regular basis and can interpret my hair-brained ideas with surprising ease. He's a gem, that one - and one of my very best friends.  And of course my talented best-ie Jenny Borst, who illustrates my story with her stunning photography, all the while playing a leading role in keeping me sane through the process of living it.

Rebecca Schroeder, Terri Lovins and my amazing speech coach, Mike Poutiatine who listened to my ideas, red-lined multiple drafts, gave not-too-harsh critiques and helped me hone my story. Thank you for being in equal turns the best editors, therapists and friends a girl could ask for.  *Muah*

And thank you to the rest of my family, friends and supporters as well. I cannot emphasize enough

just how important giving this speech was for keeping my bowels regular my personal healing process. Finding a way to summarize my experience with breast cancer as well attempt to impart a singular message of wisdom within such tight time constraints was no easy task - but I am so proud of where the journey has taken me.  And being able to stand up on the TEDx stage while sharing my story with the world - all the while saying a giant f-you to cancer - was one of the most cathartic experiences of my life.  

Literally, figuratively, and in all the ways possible - I could not be here without each of you.  I am so grateful for your love and support.  

And, with that sentiment, I'd better wrap this up before we all end up taking another drink.  

Love you.  That is all.